My name is Ty Beede and I’m a mechanical engineer working in the transportation sector.  I currently engineer automotive drivetrain parts for military, industrial, and enthusiast vehicles.  My passion in life is designing and building just about anything.  I enjoy computational structural mechanics, designing and building Jeeps for extreme off road use, designing and fabricating bicycles for on and off road, and absorbing as much information related to mechanical, computational, and electrical topics as possible.


4 Responses to About

  1. Runar Tenfjord says:


    Following your excellent guidelines I was able to build version 2.3 of ccx.
    One note on ARPACK is that the patch.tar.gz does not seems to
    be applied. This is a file with updates. Also I have experienced
    that ARPACK should be built with the ‘-ffloat-store’ flag as
    some tests (thermomec.inp) fails to converge otherwise.

    Also I was able to build cgx with mingw. The changes was are
    not optimal as they comment out some functionality which
    are not straight forward to fix for mingw. Also the application
    needs to be started from an alternative console like mintty to work.
    If you send me an email I could send you the patch.


  2. Runar says:

    Late response, but I can’t find your email address any where. If you send med an email I will send you the patch I applied to cgx.

  3. Hi, my name is Sebastian. http://sebastiangnu.blogspot.com

    First at all, congratulations for your blog, it has been a big help for me in order to handle Calculix.

    I was wondering If you may help my on this.

    I need to build a model with some kind of conection elements that works like a rope (cord) , this element should connect two 3D models and experimenting ONLY TENSION , no compression.

    I was trying this on a SPRINGA element, but it works like a stick, with both tension an compression effects.

    Would you please indicate to me the appropriate element or way to configure it?

    Thanks for your time.

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