Calculix FEA Tutorial Image Problem

I’ve had a number of requests from people to get the images working for the tutorials. I hate to say it but where the service is hosted has failed me. I’m paying for service yet I have no access to my own data. Better yet their customer service is vaporware at best after several attempts to contact them. Hopefully they will resolve the issue and I will move those pictures to better hosting service providers. Too bad really, they offered a nifty service but it seems to be a dead end.


About mechanicalguy

My name is Ty Beede and I'm a mechanical engineer currently working in the aerospace sector. My interests include computational structural analysis, metal fabrication, building and modifying Jeeps for extreme off-roading, and design/fabrication of bicycles for on and off road use. I enjoy working hard and my passion in life is building and learning new skills related to mechanical, computer, and electrical engineering.
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