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Bike Frame Jig Survey

Bicycle frame jigs are used in production and hobbyist environments to assemble the tubes to build a frame.  There are three jigs which are commercially sold for production work.  The most common is the Anvil frame jig, followed by the … Continue reading

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Bicycle Design with BikeCAD

BikeCAD is an amazing program for experienced engineers or the novice alike.  It is a 2D CAD program specific to bike design.  I already own a license for a 3D CAD system but BikeCAD had all the features I wanted … Continue reading

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Bicycle Steering Trail

Bicycles have a nearly 200 year history starting with German inventor Karl von Drais. This early design was developed from 1817 to 1819.  Despite having two wheels and handlebars the design is missing key features when compared to the modern … Continue reading

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Building Calculix to Run Native on 64-Bit Windows

Until recently, one of the limitations of running Calculix on Windows has been the 32-bit address space which places an upper bound on the size of models which can be solved. Thanks to the mingw-w64 project it is now possible … Continue reading

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Bearing Loads: Cosine and Gencoz Distributions

A bearing load occurs at a hole which is loaded by the shank of a fastener or pin.  The pin applies a distributed load on the face of the hole.  Sinusoidal and parabolic distributions are commonly used to model the … Continue reading

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