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Calculix FEA Beam Part 1: Buliding Geometry and Meshing

This article is the first segment of several related to CalculiX.  This magnum opus of open source is a full non-linear finite element package running on linux, windows, and mac.  It is divided into two primary programs, cgx and ccx.  … Continue reading

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Building a Beam Mesh with Gmsh

Gmsh is an open source finite element mesh generator with pre- and post-processing facilities.  It is used to build mesh information which will be input into an FEA solver.   It runs nicely on windows and linux.  I’ve been using the … Continue reading

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Digitize curves from screen shots or paper scans with Engauge Digitizer

I discovered this nifty program a few weeks back.  I was reading emails from the yahoo CalculiX users group and somebody had mentioned using a digitizing program create a dataset from scanned data.  This is quite useful if you’ve got … Continue reading

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